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Vacuum Pump is Smoking at the Exhaust

What’s the Problem?

If your vacuum pump is producing smoke at the exhaust or a darker exhaust than it would usually emit, then you can take the following steps;

Oil flooded vacuum pumps have oil separators on the exhaust. Their purpose is to stop the mist generated during the vacuum process from going into the atmosphere. Depending on the nature of the process these filters should be replaced on a regular basis. However, if they become heavily contaminated with oil they will begin to smoke.

How to Fix

Firstly, if these filters are heavily contaminated with oil then it would be advisable to change these. If you are looking for these spare parts, then contact us.

It is also wise to check the filters are fixed correctly into position as ill fitted filters can allow smoke to bypass the filter seals. Contact us if you require a service kit or require on site expert attention.

Still Not Sure?

If you are unsure about conducting this kind of work on your own vacuum pump, then don’t fear, you can contact one of our expert team today and get some feedback on your next steps.


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