Vacuum Pump Repairs

Professional Low-Cost Pump Repairs with Vacuum & Pressure

We provide professional yet low-cost repairs. These include full overhauls, rigorous testing and reporting with delivery and re-installation (if required), and
all work is guaranteed for 6 months.


Being independent means we can take in any type of vacuum pump for repair. Pumps are ideally transported to our workshop for a fully comprehensive repair service; we also have three dedicated external engineers who travel the country to repair pumps on-site.

Our workshop can handle pumps of up to a ton in weight (think transit van size). We have a massive ‘dishwasher’ which pump parts are run through for cleaning: they come out looking new, to be painted, tested and returned to you in pristine condition.

We take pride in making pumps look good and work right. Everyone in the company goes the extra mile to achieve the best result. Whatever we work on will come back to you looking great, demonstrating every time that the effort put in is worth the money paid.

It’s usually preferable to get the faulty pump out as we can more easily diagnose what’s gone wrong back at our workshop. We appreciate, however, that breaks in production can be inconvenient and costly so we offer a rental replacement service to keep things moving whilst repairs are undertaken. This can happen within the day, or even within the space of a few hours.

Our Emergency Phone Line is available 24/7 for advice and action: we aim to keep you working.

Help and Advice for your Vacuum Pump

If you have found yourself with a malfunctioning vacuum pump or a lack of vacuum at your process, fear not, help is at hand! The following articles give advice on some of the issues you may encounter and how we at Vacuum and Pressure can hopefully help diagnose your problems.

In all cases BEFORE any work is carried out ISOLATE the pump electrically. Failure to do this could result in serious injury.

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