Problems with my Becker VTLF250 VTLF2.250 vacuum pump? Stopped working? Loss of suction?

What’s the Problem?

Firstly there can be many reasons for your Becker VTLF250 or VTLF2.250 vacuum pump to lose suction or stop working. Don’t worry we will be able to help.


First step is give us a call. We'll discuss your application and exactly what has happened in the lead up to the issue. Perhaps you noticed the VTLF250 or VTLF2.250 vacuum pump was getting hot, losing suction or sounding different to normal? From this conversation we would normally be able to identify what is the likely cause for the Becker VTLF250 or VTLF2.250 vacuum pump to lose suction or stop working. It could be an electrical fault, or a mechanical problem.

We may ask you some questions, such as:

  • Is there an inlet filter fitted and is it clean?
  • Does the motor cooling fan turn freely by hand?
  • Has the motor been tripping out?

Your answers to these questions will steer us with the advice we give. We can supply you with spare parts to repair the Becker VTLF250 or VTLF2.250 vacuum pump yourself. We’ll be honest and say this isn’t always easy, so we also have a fleet of VTLF250 or VTLF2.250 loan/rental/hire pumps in stock which we could send to you same or next day to get your process back up and running. We can then take your problematic pump and fully overhaul it at our factory – this means very minimal downtime/disruption for you. Of course if you prefer we can always come to you to resolve the problem.

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