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Problems with my CNC vacuum pump. No suction or cutting out?

What’s the Problem?

Firstly there can be many reasons for your CNC vacuum pump to stop working and/or lose suction. But in general, it’s either an electrical or mechanical fault, or sometimes both! With close assessment of CNC vacuum it’s usually possible to identify the likely route cause of failure.


First step is give us a call. We’ll discuss exactly which CNC and vacuum pump system you have. We are very familiar with all types of CNC from Homag, Biesse, to SCM systems. They may employ a liquid ring pump or dry running rotary vane vacuum pump. Some of the more modern system use dry claw vacuum pumps. Either way we have loan/rental/hire pumps in stock which we could send to you same or next day to get your process back up and running.

Alternatively we can supply you spare parts for your CNC vacuum pump, we carry all common spares in stock. Or perhaps better still we can come to you to carry out a full CNC vacuum pump service on site. CNC machines are complicated and often the vacuum is often overlooked, but it’s without doubt vital for the machine to operate properly. Poor vacuum can lead to poor quality product, slower output speed and can in extreme cases end up being dangerous.


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