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High Quality and Reliable Vaccum Pump Rentals from Vacuum & Pressure

We have an outstanding reputation for minimising downtime and keeping your production running by providing rental pumps at short notice.

Our extensive stock of pumps* are available within the hour to both new and existing customers.

If you are unsure of the pump size or type for a particular application, why not rent one of our units on a trial run before you buy?

* Sizes range from5 m3hr up to 900 m3hr


Having the option to rent a pump can be a lifesaver. Vacuum & Pressure hold a wide range of rental pumps so, if a pump goes down and your production line stops, we can transport a replacement pump direct to you. In this way, you can be up and running whilst repairs are being done. The temporary pump will take the pressure off and give everyone breathing space whilst the problem is fixed.

We can get a rental pump to you and installed within 24 hours. For customers within range, this can take as little as an hour. Whatever the situation, we always do our utmost to minimise any downtime for you.

Rental pumps are available to both new and existing clients.

You can also rent for a trial period before committing to purchase. Once we’ve assessed which product will best suit your needs, you can use a rental pump whilst the order is being fulfilled. Or, if you want to try out a new pump before committing, you can rent first to check if it’s the right one for you.

Help and Advice for your Vacuum Pump

If you have found yourself with a malfunctioning vacuum pump or a lack of vacuum at your process, fear not, help is at hand! The following articles give advice on some of the issues you may encounter and how we at Vacuum and Pressure can hopefully help diagnose your problems.

In all cases BEFORE any work is carried out ISOLATE the pump electrically. Failure to do this could result in serious injury.

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