My vacuum pump is not working, how quickly can I get a loan/hire pump?

What’s the Problem?

Firstly there can be many reasons for your vacuum pump to stop working. Typically the vacuum produced is a critical for the process. This could be in a hospital theatre room (medical vacuum), woodworking factory (vacuum holding) or plastics factory (conveying/extrusion). Trouble free operation of the vacuum pump is vital as downtime can have huge cost implications.


First and foremost the priority is to get your process back up and running, this is a where a drop-in loan/rental/hire pump can be a perfect solution. We stock a wide range of vacuum pumps that we can offer at a very reasonable weekly rate. It’s very easy and straightforward, just give us a call and we can discuss all the details with you. In a nutshell you are charged minimum of 2 weeks. We’ll get the loan/rental/hire pump to you same or next day. We can help with removal of your vacuum pump and installation of ours. You’ll then be up and running taking the heat off the situation and giving us time to fully assess your vacuum pump and provide a detailed report for overhaul. We’ll also give an option to replace your vacuum pump with new.

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