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Vacuum Pump is Running Very Hot

What’s the Problem?

If you have a vacuum pump that appears to be running hotter than it has done in the past and you are concerned about it then simply follow these steps.

The moving of air to create a vacuum also creates compressed air and this in turn generates heat. Vacuum pumps have a regulator or cooling fan to help keep the pump cool.

How to Fix

On carbon vane, claw, or side channel blowers, check that the regulator is working correctly as this also acts as a safety valve. If the temperature of the pump gets too hot it can seize. Any filters fitted to the regulators should be cleaned regularly and replaced periodically. Contact us for a competitive price on filters.

Oil lubricated pumps have coolers and use oil to create deep vacuum and provide cooling. Regular oil and filter changes will improve the performance of the pump and reduce the risk of it running at a high temperature and then possibly catching fire. Keep the oil cooler clean, oil levels should be checked on a daily basis and a quality oil specific to the process should be used. Contact us for all your oil recommendations.

Still Not Sure?

If you are unsure about conducting this kind of work on your own vacuum pump, then don’t fear, you can contact one of our expert team today and get some feedback on your next steps.


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