Vacuum Pump Has Started Leaking Oil

What’s the Problem?

If your vacuum pump has began to start leaking oil then these have now become a hazard and it’s important to get this issue resolved as quickly as possible.

Oil flooded vacuum pumps require exhaust filters and after a period of time they create back pressure (become blocked). This can put excessive loads on the seals and gaskets and as the pump gets older, the oil, oil temperature and process chemicals can make the gaskets brittle and hard. This will inevitably lead to failure and the pump will require a complete overhaul. Contact us for a competitive price for rental and repair.

Oil leaks can occur on many types of vacuum pumps. This may be caused by wear on the shaft journal due to poor oil or foreign bodies from the process. Over time they often become grooved and the seal is compromised. If you have a leaking seal journal then the unit will require a full strip down and repair. Contact us to get a competitive price for repair.

How to Fix

If you are unable to successfully diagnose and resolve issues with your pump, our professional team are on hand to help. We have the experience and equipment to successfully fix issues and we even offer an equipment rental service to make sure your business remains operational whilst your pump is being repaired.

Whether a full overhaul is required, or just a simple fix, we offer a professional but affordable service. Our engineers will fully test your equipment before refitting and we are so confident in our work that all jobs are fully guaranteed.

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