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Vacuum Pump Has Become Very Noisy

What’s the Problem?

If your vacuum pump has suddenly or gradually become very noisy then there is a chance something could be wrong.

Because vacuum pumps are rotating mechanical equipment, they can be noisy when they are running. However, if the pump noise has increased above the normal, it is usually down to the condition within the pump, or a damaged component.

How to Fix

Remove the motor and check the coupling, ensure the motor turns freely by hand and the bearings are not dry or collapsed.

Check the motor fan cowl and the motor fan. If the motor is ok, check the pump.

Does the pump turn freely? If there is a cooling fan, is it all intact?

If the pump turns freely, the noise may be due to corrugation within the cylinder or scored/polished cylinder.

A worn or corrugated cylinder would require specialist attention. If so, you can contact our specialist team at Vacuum & Pressure. We can get you a replacement rental pump to reduce any downtime as well.

Still Not Sure?

If you are not sure about doing kind of diagnostic work on your own vacuum pump then don’t worry. You can ask one of our experts to take a look at it for you.


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