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No Vacuum, pump and motor are running on a vacuum pump?

What’s the Problem?

If you are finding that your pump is providing no vacuum however the pump and the motor is running.

Vacuum pumps rotate and move air by a mechanical means to create vacuum. If the pump is turning but you cannot hear any air movement and also there is no vacuum created at the inlet, then the pump is not displacing air.

On vane pumps, the vanes can stick in the rotor so air is not displaced, hence no vacuum. The reasons the vanes do not move can be due to contamination in the pump cylinder and slots where the vanes slide.

Carbon vane pumps need regular service to combat the vanes from failing. When they fail carbon can become stuck in the rotor/cylinder preventing the pump from running and the pump becomes seized.

How to Fix

Carbon vanes within this type of pump are a consumable part and wear constantly. When they are reaching the minimum wear limits of the vanes or are chipped, they fail to reach their potential vacuum. Check the condition of the vanes and replace where necessary. Contact us for prices on vanes and spares.

In oil flooded pumps it may be old or contaminated oil. The contamination makes the vanes stick in the rotor slots and stuck vanes usually means the pump needs stripping/cleaning or overhauling. Contact us for a budget for overhaul.

Still Not Sure?

If you are not sure about doing this kind of fix or diagnostic yourself then I would always advise that you bring in an expert to help you. Vacuum and Pressure have a range of engineers on hand to help you remotely or on-site. Contact us today.


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