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No vacuum, but motor is running?

What’s the Problem?

If you are finding that the motor is running on your vacuum pump, however you are getting no vacuum from the pump, then check the following;

The majority of vacuum pumps are driven by a separate motor via a coupling and each pump manufacturer uses different types of couplings. These couplings can fail due to frequent stop starts. If the motor is running and the pump fails to turn then this could be the reason for lack of vacuum.

How to Fix

Before you do anything don’t forget to isolate the pump.

If you believe that a failed coupling may be your problem then you will need to replace this. You can do this using the following steps...

If possible, remove the motor and any guards to access the coupling. On rare occasions the pump drive shafts have been known to shear. Contact us if you require new coupling or coupling inserts.

Still Not Sure

If you are not sure about carrying our any of the above steps then don’t worry, Vacuum and Pressure can be on hand to help you with any repairs. You can contact us and we will get a qualified engineer to be able to assist you either remotely or on-site, depending on your needs.


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