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No vacuum at the machine but pump is running?

What’s the Problem?

If you are finding that you have no vacuum at the machine but the pump is running, then check the following...

How to Fix

In some cases, the pump needs to warm up for a few minutes, particularly in very cold weather. Vanes in oil flooded pumps can become stuck due to the thick oil, allowing the pump to warm up can fix the problem. Please bear in mind that just because the motor is running, this doesn't mean that the pump is running.

If the pump is running but there is still no vacuum at the process, then you need to determine if the pump is creating a vacuum. This can be done by removing the inlet pipe and checking for suction at the inlet. To carry out this procedure correctly a vacuum gauge is required, by doing this you can actually see the vacuum at the inlet and record the figure on the gauge against the pump details. If you are unsure about this process, don’t worry, we are at hand just simply contact us.

If there is vacuum at the pump, you need to check for vacuum at process. Refit the pipe on the vacuum pump, if possible, remove the pipe off the machine (nearest point to the machine). A similar vacuum should be achieved. If there is a lack of or no vacuum the pipe could be blocked, crushed or split then we supply pipe for vacuum processes so get in touch. NB - if there is a non-return valve in the suction prior to the pump, check its integrity as failure to the valve may cause a restriction in flow.

Still Not Sure?

If you are not sure about carrying out any of the above steps, then we’d advise not to attempt something without being sure, you could cause further issues or worse cause injury to yourself.

Here at Vacuum and Pressure we will be able to assist you with any repairs that you require on your vacuum pumps, simply drop us a line and we will do everything we can to help you.


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