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My vacuum pump has failed, can it be remanufactured?

What’s the Problem?

Firstly there can be many reasons for a vacuum pump to stop working. But in general, it’s either an electrical or mechanical fault, or sometimes both! With close assessment it’s usually possible to identify the likely route cause of failure.


Firstly it is possible to overhaul, re-build, refurbish or re-manufacture most types of vacuum pump. However if the failure is catastrophic or the vacuum pump is very old then it may not be economical to do so. We fully assess the failed pump and we’ll be open and honest with you if we feel a replacement is required. We’ll provide both options so you can make an informed decision.

Thankfully we are able to replace just about any vacuum pump as we stock a range of technologies including dry rotary vane, oil lubricated rotary vane, dry claw, liquid ring, side channel, dry screw, rotary lobe and diaphragm. We also have an extensive range of loan pumps.

If the remanufacture is viable we will give you a full cost breakdown of the parts and labour so you know exactly what work is being carried out - no hidden surprises! For peace of mind all pumps we remanufacture come with 6 month warranty.

Please get in touch today, we’ll be more than happy to re-manufacture your failed vacuum pump.


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