Carbon Vanes


Constructed with only the finest materials, you will find that once you use these products there is no need to fit costly originals.

Our carbon vanes have been tested alongside the manufacturer's with outstanding results at a fraction of the cost. We are so impressed with our carbon vanes that if you are not completely happy we will refund your money.

Features: High wear resistance, low noise, strong and tough without affecting performance. These vanes are non-toxic and chemically inert.

Please contact us for more info on 0113 3189391


VP518943Carbon vanes to fit a KLT DLT & VLT 40..

VP901352 Carbon vanes to fit Becker 4.40 ..

VP901333 Becker KVT - DVT - KDT 3.100 ..

Carbon Vane to fit Becker KVT - DVT - KDT 3.140..

Carbon Vane to fit Becker KVT - DVT - KDT 3.60 & 3.80..

VP 901373 Carbon vanes to fit Becker VTLF - DTLF 500 & VTLF 2-500 & DVTLF 2-500..

VP513702Carbon Vane to fit Rietschle KLT, DLT & VLT 15..

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